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Meda & Sam are the founders of UnU Center. Their story started with each of them individually receiving the message from their Higher Self to create a retreat center, long before they met in person.

For Meda, this happened in 2009 when she got initiated in traditional shamanism by Itzhak Berry (the co-founder of New York Shamanic Circle). Coming from a long line of women seers & energy healers in her native Romania, Meda clicked with the teachings & proceeded to deepen them by further studying with highly accomplished shamanic teacher Hank Wesselman. During one of the first workshops with Hank, Meda received a message from an ancestor (a prior incarnation as a Navajo medicine women) that she needs to move from New York (where she was residing at the time as she received her Master's in Arts & Cultural Management from Pratt Institute) to New Mexico - that she didn't quite have a concept of at the time.


Sure enough, traveling to Santa Fe was quite a revelation, and instantaneous love at first sight. Meda became a commuter to New Mexico until she moved here in 2015. It took her 3 years to find the right location for the Retreat Center. So finally, after many initiatory moments, a bumpy relationship dissolution and much self exploration & growth, in April of 2018 the dream finds its physical incarnation where it resides today. The work only started with that, as much elbow grease needed to come into play in order to make the 100 year old house (that laid abandoned for a while) into an actual spiritual oasis! 

A secret ingredient was missing - the Divine Feminine needed her Divine Masculine to come play. 

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Meanwhile for over a decade, across lands and cultures Sam was exploring on a divinely guided soul purpose discovery journey. He acquired knowledge of a broad range of modalities and a working understanding of how they may be applied to facilitate transformation on all scales from individual to global. It was during that time that it came to him how he needs to create a retreat center! During the recent years, Sam focused on building one of Albuquerque's top rated hypnotherapy practices, which has proved to be a launching pad that integrates all acquired pieces from along his journey. 


In September 2018, Meda goes to attend the Jumpsuit Festival at the (aptly named:) Mothership in Taos, NM. Quite a special one, very high vibrational field. On its second day, everybody there seemed to be talking about rainbows -to the point that one conversation started with your friend on the topic, would be seamlessly continued with a perfect stranger down the road. On that trail, the next stranger came to be Sam! 

Sam simply stopped and offered Meda an apple. Now Meda & apples... that is another story for another tale. We'll only mention she was residing in an apple orchard at the time, and she even wrote a song about that (only a month prior to this encounter!). So she politely refused Sam's very generous gift (that was eagerly taken by another friend), while she did notice Sam's sunglasses: they had a beautiful rainbow on their side! Sam offered Meda to try them on, as they had quite special lenses. That was when their eyes got to gaze into one another's, and they both felt the magic sparkle (which was the sign Sam knew to look for, as he was foretold by a seer several years prior).


Next thing you know, they started talking about  weddings!!! How they both didn't believe in marriage, but both loving a great party. So 3 minutes into their chat on the trail, Sam invited Meda to his wedding! "Who is the girl?" Meda asked. "I don't know yet, but I'll let you know when I do". They hugged then, and made a promise to meet latter on the dance floor. And so it happened -after the first dance, they never parted ways. Meda asked Sam: "where do you want me to take you after the festival?" "To the beach!" he said. Much to Sam's dismay (I mean... here they were in New Mexico - very far to what would be normally thought as a beach!) Meda took Sam to the house (waiting to be worked on) that sat  on the stunning private beach on Rio Grande.  Their first dates were spent painting the walls of the house, as its restoration process merely started. 2 weeks after that, Meda & Sam got married in an exclusive, 2 people ceremony in the middle of Rio Grande. A month later, Sam asked Meda her hand in a (more official:) marriage, that took place one year after they met. 


Both Meda & Sam were very inquisitive kids, wondering what exactly happens in all the fairytales after it says "and they lived happily ever after". They are now parents to UnU Center, officially born in January 2019 (that grows alongside 2 beautiful daughters), and going through all the expected joys as well  as growing pains coming with parenthood. Their labor of love however gains more visibility by the day, as they pour all of their heart & soul into making UnU Center the happening and magical place they both envisioned. 

And it all makes sense: UnU Center gets its name from the sacred Oneness, represented by the merging of Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine, all under the sign of the Rainbow -as it's been foreseen by the Hopi Natives many centuries ago.

As beautifully put by Sia-Lanu Estrella: "We’re now in the Return to Unification. We came to Earth to break the old illusions and energetic control. It is time to remember our cosmic history. This is the Rainbow Frequency – the biggest uniting force in the multiverse. Now is the great awakening; the great remembering. The Unification. It is the way to end all suffering, all separation, all duality and all ‘time’.” 

And this is what UnU Center is all about.

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