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Costa Rica - impressive Land for Sale

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The vision of co-creating sustainable, low-impact, minimal disturbance, permaculture-based biodynamic community is what inspired us to bring this opportunity to other groups who align with these same principles, values, and ethos. 

All areas are zoned agricultural use and contain combinations of Tik groves, pasture for animals, and clearings for structural development. Some areas (portions of 84, 67, 79) are designated ecological preserves with primary (virgin) rainforest. It is our shared inspiration that whomever stewards these lands ideally respect such designations. In observing the pristine beauty of the rainforest, one envisioning commercial endeavors via its destruction would be considered out of alignment with our neighboring and ideally shared community. 


I look forward to answering your questions and working together in potentially creating shared community nestled in paradise. 

In Reverence of your Presence,
Christopher Gutierrez 

Sol y Naturaleza Property Description

305.77 Acres @ $9.50/m2 = $11,755,414

1. Lots 74 – 78, and 82 – 83 are unavailable for sale.

2. Possible top portion lot groupings are:
Group 1: 62 - 65
Group 2: 67, 68, 79, 84
Group 3: 69 - 73
Group 4: 80, 81, 85

3. Bottom portion lots (305.77 acres) are available as one single purchase.

4. Lots are not available for separate, individuated purchase.

5. Large waterfalls are located in bottom portion, along lot 61.

6. No current utilities exist. Hydroelectric, solar, and wind capacity is abundantly available.

7. Well access is easily achieved throughout entire top and bottom portion.

8. A private road from Fila Negra (across the Rio Seco) is currently under construction which will provide low impact access to both top and bottom portions.

9. Beach access in Playa Hermosa (world renowned surfing) is 20 minutes away.

10. Approximate elevations range from 350m; 1140ft (lot 47)  – 650m; 2130ft (lot 85) 


Stunning images of the land, as seen from above

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