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New Mexico Retreat Center on private Rio Grande Beach

On this Sacred Land,

Magic to Share & Magic to Dare


Come embrace the magic of New Mexico & learn why it's called "the Land of Enchantment" at our UnU Retreat Center. 

The little town we're part of is called Embudo -which is Spanish word for Funnel. That concept is summarizing quite well the vibe of UnU Center, that is meant to be a funnel for energy of nature, energy of the ancestors together with the energy of teachings funneling through our guests in bringing forth new reality of reaching full individual & collective potential.


UnU Center's location has been chosen specifically for its high-vibrational energy of the sacred grounds on Rio Grande (long revered by the natives of the region), surrounded by magical granite & ancient lava mountains. As owners, we feel we've been chosen to be custodians of its sacred nature & gifts - and we're in much gratitude for this honor. This is a private property, administered by a not-for-profit organization called Mutation-Station -and we aim to retain the serene & sacred qualities of this residential area throughout all the gatherings we're welcoming here.

Our slogan is: "On this Sacred Land, Magic to Share & Magic to Dare" - so whether you come to learn, to celebrate, or simply to relax, the magic and serenity of the UnU Retreat Center. permeates you. Walking the riverfront, maybe taking advantage of extra services we provide, warming your hands in front of the several fireplaces, lounging on the lawn or the beach, or swimming the pristine waters of Rio Grande, you might get eager to conclude, “I should return soon.”

What makes us unique?

  • Perfect location for your next R&R or group event: workshops, gatherin...

Come & Share your Vision

UnU Center aims to facilitate a deepening experience into the mechanics of human's consciousness and the healing of the mind-body-soul complex. It's also a place to create and celebrate -so we're welcoming to your gatherings, weddings or special & spiritual events.

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